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Ayşenur Kaynak

ID: 1341

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ID: 1341
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(It didn't catch up as I confused the delivery date, but I wanted to send it, even though it was in its preliminary stage.)
This is Narmanlı Han from Beyoğlu / Istanbul. It has had many different functions throughout history; It was built as a Russian consulate in 1880 and later became a Russian prison. Later, the Narmanlı family bought this building in the most popular place in Istanbul (İstiklal Caddesi) and started to rent it as a studio and residence for artists. Here, very important artists have made art by paying very cheap amounts. For years, laughter and conversation continued in the inner courtyard. Its beautiful courtyard has also been a home for cats.
When I first saw Naranlı Inn in 2015, it was an almost abandoned building, I remember we went inside and looked at the courtyard. It was like an oasis with its cats and trees apart from the enormous intensity of Istiklal Street. It impressed me a lot.
Then things went against Narmanlı Han. With a restoration started in 2017, it first lost all its aesthetic side and then chain coffee shops were opened inside. Not even a vape was made for artists. He lost all his identity. Actually, the whole İstaklal street has lost its old identity. There is no longer that beautiful Beyoğlu. I started to draw the old version of Narmanlı Inn. Because the new building is not Narmanlı Inn for me.

Ayşenur KaynakAyşenur KaynakAyşenur KaynakAyşenur Kaynak

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