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Bruna Cardoso Silva

ID: 1340

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ID: 1340
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Through the window

“It all started in the clouds… Was it just a dream? I knew I was there but it felt like I couldn’t…”

During the quarantine all I (and everyone) wanted was to leave the house.
I had just moved to Barcelona, I wanted to experience the city again, see people, lose myself in the center, surprise me in front of the Sagrada Familia.
But all I had was my bedroom window. A very peculiar window by the way, large and almost terraced, with an old shape denoting that I lived in a building from “other times”.

At that time, I was always thinking I needed to find a way, even if only in my imagination, to go out and remember the Barcelona that I already knew.
But all I had was my bedroom window.

Then, I imagined the city, framed by the bedroom window, I imagined it from the top, like the view from a penthouse in the center of the El Born district, located at the old and historic center of Barcelona. The antennas and electricity wires crossing the view enchant, it is an immense amount of information that shows the human occupation in that place. This is inspiring because no matter how much planning a city has, it is the people who occupy it that provide its true form and true identity.
At the bottom of the image is the “Barcelona known skyline”. Some of its tourist spots were imagined side by side, in the background, coexisting, but giving prominence to that simpler, ordinary occupation in the foreground.
Those two views didn't leave my head,  they were part of all that beautiful and inspiring imagery of the city and everything that I wanted to be able to see when I was confined, but that could only be imagined, or drawn.

Thus this design was formed, which is like freedom, the only freedom that at that moment could be had.

Bruna Cardoso SilvaBruna Cardoso SilvaBruna Cardoso SilvaBruna Cardoso Silva

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