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Yuchen Liu & Yisheng Yuan

ID: 1339

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ID: 1339
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History is always attractive, and one could never talk about history without appreciating the architecture. In the very beginning, it provided shelters and protections for humans. Gradually, it evolved and developed more functions. From prehistoric cave to the ancient Roman thermae, as time went by, buildings not only worked to gather people but also started to gather themselves to form villages, towns, and cities with an unprecedented scale. Nowadays, almost every urban zone is crammed with skyscrapers. When I walk on New York streets, I usually feel lost and compressed by the endless high-rise buildings. The pressure of life seems to be visualized by the denser and higher buildings, especially in the CBD area. The anxiety of people could only increase. So, what if people run into such an environment and pray for a little space to breathe?

This project aims to create a vent, or rather, a “breathing slit.” The building is imagined as an endless ribbon, wandering among the CBD building complex. It could connect all isolated buildings and lost people. The main body is a long tunnel made of glass mirror so that it can reflect and merge itself eventually disappear into the surroundings. Only the outside freely draped ribbon, made of white plaster and wrapped around the tunnel, should capture pedestrians’ attention.

Often I think every individual is an isolated island floating on the vast ocean. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated this feeling. Everyone guards their own space and becomes more vigilant. We hope this project can bring people back together. This ribbon of breathe and coalition is an open, non-discriminative alternative space that welcomes everyone to dance and sing. We people search for a break and reinvigoration from culture. We celebrate the diversity of culture presented in art, literature, and science. This ribbon signifies a bond between all mankind who shall share the same welfare and rights, at least in this space. Here artists can make and share works; musicians can improvise and perform; scientists can collaborate and share findings; litterateurs can read and discuss great words. Covid-19 forces us to drop out of our original life to reevaluate our present and future. It is a time for self-reflection and self-restoration. This space is where to exchange thoughts. Everyone is connected, is equal, and everyone is able to procure a place here. The choice of ribbon as the building’s major appearance is meant to make everyone see the space as a link, a bond, and a path. As we all belong to this planet, we need to march forward together on this road to a brighter future.

The CBD is the most globalized area of a city. This project is also an attempt to explore the possibility of global application, meaning to have this “white ribbon” present in every CBD in any country. Admittedly, this imaginary space is a vision of Utopia. However, it is also a summary of 2020, a prospect for 2021 and an expectation of life after Covid-19.

Yuchen Liu & Yisheng YuanYuchen Liu & Yisheng YuanYuchen Liu & Yisheng YuanYuchen Liu & Yisheng Yuan

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