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Fabian Moser & Lena Schenek

ID: 1338

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ID: 1338
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The car rules the city. Once promising boundless mobility and independence, it is now turning out to be an no longer appropriate way of anonymous transportation, wasting a huge amount of resources.  
The side effects are omnipresent.  
Houses are being built for private automobiles, while people continue to live on the streets.
Trapped between speeding and parking cars, people are displaced from public space and interpersonal contact is prevented in a unique way.  
For being present in such a passive way, we have only ourselves to blame for.
We willingly let the car take over what was once meant for the people.  
But what if we reclaimed the space? What if we were allowed to try again?

The garage doors are now open, and behind each one, unimagined possibilities open up.  
In the middle of a hidden backyard in the city, the collection of garages resembles a marketplace, lined with workshops, creative offices, a library and numerous small locales.  
Complementing the communal first floor, small apartments on top of garages offer everything you need to live.
The most diverse and exciting people with knowledge, enthusiasm and ideas come together in a magical way.  
Day by day we learn new things from each other and solve problems together. It almost seems as if everyone has a hidden talent slumbering inside them, which is now coming to light since everyone no longer moves recklessly and isolated behind glass and metal through the city. You will look for hectic here in vain and you will be surprised again and again by storytellers, performers and artisans.
People stroll around the city light-hearted and carefree, chatting kindly with each other and asking about each other's well-being, and sometimes it even happens that a little girl with frizzy hair reads from a book.

The younger ones may wonder what all this was like in the past. And to be honest, I find it hard to imagine. It almost seems as if the world has awakened from a long winter sleep.

Fabian Moser & Lena SchenekFabian Moser & Lena SchenekFabian Moser & Lena SchenekFabian Moser & Lena Schenek

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