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Jan Ribbers

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ID: 1337
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"It is not said that Kublai Khan believes everything that Marco Polo says when he describes the cities he visits on his broadcast trips, but the Tatar Emperor still listens to the young Venetian with greater curiosity and attention than any other messenger or spy.“

At a time when traveling has become very difficult, the desire to visit foreign countries, foreign cities and foreign people, is growing. One way of dealing with it is to figuratively imagine places that do not exist in order to make traveling without movement possible. A great example of this type of travel is the book „The Invisible Cities“ by Italo Calvino in which he describes 55 cities based on a dialogue between Marco Polo and Kublai Khan, which, through their often diffuse and indirect descriptions, evoke very special, subjective images. Those Places can consist not only of shapes but also of smells, weather phenomena or love relationships.
In the following I have made three of the invisible cities visible, more to follow.

Jan RibbersJan RibbersJan RibbersJan Ribbers

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