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Architecture Illustration Competition

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Pinar Sahin Kocabas

ID: 1335

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ID: 1335
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When I was a child, a trip to Cappadocia with my family effected me forever.
“They are the fairy chimneys” said my mother and “mother earth is the best architect” said my father while I was still thinking if I was in a dream in this dreamland…

Many years later, while I was an architecture student, a trip to Barcelona shocked me when I saw Gaudi’s buildings, I’ve already known them but seeing them with my own eyes brought me back to the days of Cappadocia again. I was definitely sure that Gaudi had been to Cappadocia many times and had experienced the naturally-emerged, organic-shaped, cave-like texture all around that land.

Last year, I came across with a book named: “Aproximaciones a Gaudí en Capadocia (1990) travels”, written by Juan Goytisolo. There, I’ve learned that Gaudi had never been in Turkey and Cappadocia!.. I imagine his genius connected him to the nature in a borderless, endless manner.  I designed an imaginary parallel universe between his creations and Cappadocia and dedicated this illustration to the spirit of his welded bind to the nature.

In reference to Gaudi’s Gravity-shaped wires, illustration can also be conceived upside down.

Best Regards,


Pinar Sahin KocabasPinar Sahin KocabasPinar Sahin KocabasPinar Sahin Kocabas

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