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Kunal S Shah

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ID: 1333
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Title: Through Colored Glass
A massive influence on my design career has been my school - Boston University. It was here where I first read An Essay on Architecture by Marc-Antoine Laugier. The idea of the primitive hut played a massive role in making me pursue design as a career. With a focus on rationalism and creating designs with function at focus, An Essay on Architecture showed me how beauty can be observed in the mundane through the form of functionality. Crucial to my development as a designer was my surrounding environment at Boston University, a place where I have built a network of amazing peers and professors, people that I am proud to call my mentors today. The past year has made me reflect on how critical these aspects were in shaping me into the designer that I am today and I wanted to celebrate this. A medium that I discovered that perfectly links the theoretical to practical is photography and so I decided to use this medium to link these two influences on my design journey - my school, and Laugier’s work to create a glimpse into the foundation of my journey as a designer.

My process to achieve this fusion began by first creating the architecture plan and elevation of my classroom building - The Boston University School of Arts and Sciences, the setting of my journey, and the amalgamation of all the minds that have helped me mature in the field. Once created I coalesced these drawings with the pages of Laugier’s Essay on Architecture through the technique of cyanotype design. I decided to do so as this showcased the perfect transition of architecture theory to practice. The final design step was adding a gradient filter to the resulting cyanotypes. Inspiration for this decision was to make the viewer feel as though they are in my frame of vision, witnessing the world of architecture and design grow in front of them through the view of colored glasses, seeing the power of design in a whole new perspective, my perspective.

Kunal S ShahKunal S ShahKunal S ShahKunal S Shah

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