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Polezhaikina Maria

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ID: 1331
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For my illustrations, I chose Moscow housing estates in the style of constructivism and Trubnaya Square.
The area of ​​Mytnaya and Shukhova streets is notable for residential buildings in the style of constructivism. In my illustration, I recorded the complexes of residential buildings built in the 20s and 30s: Drovyanaya Ploshchad, Quarter of houses of the Goznak factory and the main historical dominant of the district, the Shukhov radio tower. This is a formed area, with its own character, but in the distance we see the active urban development of a modern city.
For the first time, the territory began to be built up in 1929. Before that, it was a huge empty field with the old Drovyanoy market in the northern half and with a flat parade ground of the police unit in the southern half. Today the planning structure of the quarters has been preserved. Residential development with comfortable number of storeys with comfortable spacious courtyards. The Shukhov Tower is recognized as one of the highest achievements of engineering. The Shukhov Tower is included in the list of seven architectural masterpieces of the Russian avant-garde recommended for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
In the second illustration, I depicted Trubnaya Square. The origin of the name is associated with a pipe - a drain in the wall of the White City, through which the river flowed. Neglinnaya. In 1817, the river was enclosed in an underground collector, after which a single space of the square was formed, which received the name "Trubnaya". The area is surrounded by a pronounced relief.
The space of the square is formed by buildings with a very interesting history. In the background, the buildings of the Nativity of the Mother of God are visible: the bell tower and the refectory, along the walls of which, along the slope of Rozhdestvensky Boulevard, children from the famous painting by the artist Vas. Perov's "Troika" was carrying a barrel of water. The central part of the composition is occupied by a residential building of the 18th century, rebuilt in 1883. and modernized for a modern function in 2007. The formation of the area was completed in the XXI century. construction of the multifunctional complex "Legend of Tsvetnoy", on the site of the former House of Political Education, which was located on the site of the famous institutions "Hell" and "Hell", immortalized by the famous connoisseur of old Moscow V. Gilyarovsky in his reports. This is why this place is interesting, that several historical events and periods converged on one small square, which provide an appearance in our time. I wanted to capture a brief moment of today's present.

Polezhaikina MariaPolezhaikina MariaPolezhaikina MariaPolezhaikina Maria

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