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Architecture Illustration Competition

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Ruoqi He

ID: 1329

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ID: 1329
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After researching Zaha’s artwork of MAXXI, I learned that the future architecture explored by Zaha lose the sense of boundary and they contain the confluent lines.So I wanted to design a similar building which has satisfactory confluent lines.I firstly built a building which is geometric and angular with straight lines with the help of Sketch Up.Thus the inspiration came across my mind that I can make an artwork to illustrate the relations between current architecture and future architecture.This change and transition between the current and the future is really important to make architects consider the form and functions of architecture as our life and society is always developing and improved.Since architecture is closely related to humans’ life and the form usually serve the function of a building. However, people become more sentiment of the aesthetic aspect of architecture nowadays.So many architects ,like Zaha, take the responsibility to try to explore the boundary of Architecture. Obviously, those designs from her is a breakthrough in current architecture.I want to present the possible form of architecture in the future.And I try to give some meanings to flowing lines that they are the symbols of future architecture.
Then I wanted all the models to squeeze together to represent a symbol of “current architecture”,so I put them together.I also drew some geometric shapes around them to impress the feature of former designs.The hands I drew means the people especially architects who want to improve this breakthrough.They put their hands towards the squeezed “past” to improve them.Those buildings are surrounded by confluent forms which represent the old-fashioned buildings.After the embrace, they can soon be the new types of buildings.However ,from this artwork, the audience can find that the relations between these two things are not clear at all.That is because they are closely related to each other, there is no clear boundary between them, they surrounded each other and they embraced each other.The confluent”future” may turn again to the current point as the society always develop in a sprawl form.Things always change.

Ruoqi HeRuoqi HeRuoqi HeRuoqi He

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