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Kostetsky Anton

ID: 1327

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ID: 1327
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Light of the Frozen Dance (Geydar Aliev Center, Azerbaijan)
Canvas, oil, 75x55

The sun went down but its warmth was coming down from the scarlet clouds in a lilac mist mirrored in the electrical light of the buildings’ windows. Everything around froze waiting for the continuation of life... There was a proud building of the Center of culture and art above the horizon. It was a true treasure of the place. Locals compared it to an Egyptian sphinx for its majesty and grace and called it “frozen dance”. There was always a celebration of the heights of science and art inside. People loved this pyramid and believed that until the light was turned on inside in the evening, everything is good and quiet in the world. At night c, month by month.

It was a dark time for the whole planet… Many started to forget the view of the “frozen dance”, its light and celebration of the soul’s life inside.

Nobody knows what really happened but they say that precisely this sudden darkness helped return everything to its place. And ostensibly the longer there was no light in the Center the faster life was returning.

But whatever it was time was passing by... And finally the spring came, that spring’s evening was especially calm and quiet. As though everything was showing that something good would definitely happen. It was the greatest wonder to see the last rays of the sunset turn into the electrical light in the “frozen dance”. The darker the sky became the brighter the “frozen dance” shone and attracted to itself delighted people with the new energy of life, new events, concerts and belief that next early morning the light would turn on again in the Center of culture and art.

I have chosen to depict this building because I was amazed by its plastic, absolute absence of straight lines and how the light underlines the form and thanks to that the building is perceived as not only an architectural object but also as an art object, finished ideal form, a true object of art. This can leave no artist without the desire to create art of his own.

Spasoglinishevsky Alley. Moscow.
Paper, tempera, 75x55

I doubt that it is possible to find a man indifferent to the old Moscow architecture. These ex tenement houses, town manors or former resident buildings where nearly a century and a half ago there was a quiet and hasteless life. They remember a lot. At some point there were horses with carriages passing by, a bit later the first cars. Children were playing freely on the street perceiving this neighborhood as theirs, dear and simple. Everything was filled with life, everyday simplicity and coziness. Today only the walls of the buildings and the bricks of the street can tell about this.
When you are surrounded by the old architecture you can literally feel the wave of ancient times overwhelming you with its nobility.
The history of the street began in the XVIII century, it was named after a church which was here until 1931. In turn the church was named after the site where the clay was mined.
I have chosen to depict this view because first of all it is beautiful not only thanks to its history but also because of the rather steep slope which create a unique Moscow perspective rather rare for our time. Secondly precisely from here you can see a spectacular view on a Soviet skyscraper on the Kotelnicheskaya river shore. This unique composition of the buildings of different epochs impresses with its harmony.

The Railway Station
Tinted paper, pastel  42х29

Atmosphere of a railway station. Versatility of this phenomenon is difficult to express in words because it is like a whole world inside a world. From here people go to unknown lands or to their relatives. Here so many things happen full of pure, sincere emotions that you won’t see in any movie. People are in a hurry, meet each other, languish in anticipation, say goodbye forever. Each and every one has its own reality inside the reality of the railway station. Here they are, business people in a hurry. Here is a woman going away in doubt and hope. Here are young people talking animatedly full of expectations for new impressions.
But there is one thing which influences all the visitors of the railway station without exception which creates the background of the whole impression, it is, of course, the building of the railway station. The better it combines with the internal life of the railway station the more ingenious is the architecture.
In my opinion such a masterpiece of form and harmony is the project of reconstruction of the railway station Buro in Australia designed by the company of Zaha Hadid and Donovan hill design studio.
I was amazed by the simultaneous mood of lightness and heaviness in this building. Also the internal feeling of lightness is created by the lineal roof which lets more light inside the space and creates natural ventilation. This form ideally suits the atmosphere of the railway station.

Kostetsky AntonKostetsky AntonKostetsky AntonKostetsky Anton

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