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Architecture Illustration Competition

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Raneem Hassan Toumeh

ID: 1326

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ID: 1326
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“[In great art] the spectator does feel a corresponding thrill in himself. Such harmony or even contrast of emotion cannot be superficial or worthless; such works of art at least preserve the soul from coarseness; they “key it up,” so to speak, to a certain height, as a tuning-key the strings of a musical instrument.” – Kandinsky
As an initial statement, the proposed artistic illustration is to be perceived differently by the viewers as per the visual complexity, focal point and movement of the different elements in the illustration that can be seen differently.
The term "The Shard" came about due to the semblance of the building to a shard of glass stabbing out of the ground. Renzo Piano’s intent on creating a design that stood out against the London skyline without attempting to be too overbearing or indelicate. The shard is considered to be the highest skyscraper in Europe.  The specific selection of this building as inspiration to tell the story is because the concept carries deep cultural values and unique aesthetic to it. Its idea and hidden meanings impose a lot on the viewer and urges emotions that impact on the viewer.
So, what is the story?
The shard as a structure is going out of the ground, showing strength and solidity, challenging all manners. In terms of design principles, it shows contrast, movement and hierarchy. Looking at the literal meaning of the shard, it is broken sharp pieces that would typically be flying all over the place. Whereas the building was one whole broken piece. A shard. The building was expressed through the structure of it, beams, columns and all. Only one façade side is covered.
Kandinsky thought that a painting should have the same emotional impact on the viewer as does a piece of music. He used color, shape, and line to evoke feeling and resonate with the human soul. The shards illustration is inspired by the order of Kandinsky’s fragments. In the illustration presented, the structure was chosen to be coming out of the beneath, the rough, breaking through and puncturing the sky. The movement is to be led by the brightest colors in the art piece. An eye catcher. The structure in my illustration is to go through something more expressive of the context and site the building is in, and that is the London fog. The panels of the façade are floating around as the shards, they may be heading outwards or back to the structure façade, but they are in motion. The shard then takes you to the other side showing a new dimension where the building had taken you to a place that is different where everything is in order, warm tones and new forms after the chaos, the coldness and the fogginess. The shards are flying around in both dimensions, in an order following the invisible strings that are pulling the building in the sky and the free moving shards in the other dimension as well as parts of the structure.

Raneem Hassan ToumehRaneem Hassan ToumehRaneem Hassan ToumehRaneem Hassan Toumeh

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