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Architecture Illustration Competition

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Yingqi Wang, Pengye Liu, & Liwei Yang

ID: 1321

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ID: 1321
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《The beauty of ancient residential buildings》
When we have been running around in the city for too long, it is difficult to find a place for us to calm down and feel the beauty in life. It may be the reason why I grew up in the country, so the plot of nostalgia has been around for a long time, and I like the old mood, these Although the old things are "old" in texture, they still have the impression of time and the taste of happiness. So I want to draw them all. When I saw the simple and vicissitudes of these ancient village buildings and the original surroundings that were not destroyed, the depression and tension accumulated in the high-rise buildings made of reinforced concrete and the haze weather relaxed all at once. The comfort brought by these sights made me sit quietly and use my favorite painting method to talk to these seemingly ruined and rudimentary old buildings. When you spend a few hours with it, you can observe them from all angles. It is the process of looking at each other, and while portraying them, they are also telling you their own stories. The combination of ancient Chinese residential buildings and natural scenery allows me to feel the history and culture, and feel the changes over the years. I can feel the comfort and beauty in ancient residential buildings that I can’t feel in the city. I think all countries in the world The ancient residential buildings of various ethnic groups have their own culture and history, which are worth learning and recording. In today’s fast-paced city life, can we stop, take a look at these ancient buildings, and feel calmly The beauty that you can't feel in the city architecture, and then move on.

Yingqi Wang, Pengye Liu, & Liwei YangYingqi Wang, Pengye Liu, & Liwei YangYingqi Wang, Pengye Liu, & Liwei YangYingqi Wang, Pengye Liu, & Liwei Yang

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