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Fredrik Thulin

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ID: 1320
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Sigtuna, one of the first towns to be founded in Sweden, is the one I want to tell about in this story. Partially because I live here, but also because of the overall experience that you get from the town. This small community is located close to one of Sweden's largest lakes, Mälaren, and was founded as early as 980. The small community quickly grew into a center for Royalty, Christianity and commerce. Sigtuna was the home for King Olof Skötkonung, who was the first king to mint the first swedish coins. Researches that were made in 1900 have also shown that the region that is surrounding Sigtuna has long been a place of worship for the god Odin. This can easily be distinguished by the sheer number of rune stones scattered through the town. In modern times, the town is a popular place for tourism both in the winter and in the summer.

Sigtuna is situated along the waterside overlooking Mälaren and the heavily forested areas that surround the lake. The forest that surrounds the town houses several hiking trails and running paths. The most famous of these hiking trails are “Upplandsleden”, which stretches between Barkarby in the south to Älvkarleby in the north, and is about 450 km long. This trail is famous because of the nature and the wildlife. This closeness to nature is one of the things that makes Sigtuna a great place to live in. The other thing is the history of the place, which can be found all over the town. Sigtuna has, as previously said, several viking rune stones along with a great number of church ruins. The biggest of these ruins is located close to Maria kyrkan and is almost fully intact. Sigtuna has, beyond these ruins, several buildings that show its cultural heritage like the town hall, the tourism center and several small shops along the main walking road in Sigtuna. Many of these shops bear names that are inspired by the famous writer Elsa Beskovs children's stories like Aunt Brown, Uncle Blue and so on. As previously said, Sigtuna is placed along the water. This means that you will always be close to the water wherever you go in Sigtuna. Most of the roads lead directly to the beachwalk which is truly marvelous to experience. I have more than a couple times sat there drawing and looking at the sundown and just admiring the sheer beauty of the place.

Now that I have told you about the town and its historical meaning I want to tell you how it is to live here. The town's charm is that it is a beautiful, calm place to live in, far from the stress of the city. In Sigtuna all the small things are the ones that grant you joy. Sigtuna has given me the full experience of how a small town should feel like.

I will end with those words, hope you find these words interesting.

Fredrik ThulinFredrik ThulinFredrik ThulinFredrik Thulin

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