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Zhang Xueyu

ID: 1319

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ID: 1319
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When I visited Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai I took a photo unconsciously which is the source of inspiration of this painting. From the point you stand to see forward, you can see the Shanghai World Financial Center through the cornices of the ancient building, which you can feel the symbolic beauty of Chinese Gardening. It will make me feel like we were stand in past to see the future through the hundreds of years, but all the things is true, we can feel the classical beauty of history and to get a glimpse of the prosperity of Shanghai. In Yuyuan Garden,t here are lots of bamboos, the leaves of them waving with the wind and form a green sea. A Chinese film suddenly occurred me ,"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", which has a plot that the heroes fight in a bamboo forest, so I painted the two heroes in it. There is word called "Jianghu" in Chinese, or "river and lake" in English, this word always be used in kungfu drama, which is set in the past, but just like the saying, "Where have people, where is Jianghu. "I want to use this picture to reflect the chivalrous spirit of people in modern time, they shuttle back and forth in the mega-city to achieve their dream, to make their living ,to live their own life in their own way, just the like the heroes went through the bamboo forest. For me, this location is not just a location but a window which give us a chance to see through the history, to feel the courage, wisdom, integrity and kindness in the people's heart.

Zhang XueyuZhang XueyuZhang XueyuZhang Xueyu

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