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Architecture Illustration Competition

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Jiaxin Yun

ID: 1317

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ID: 1317
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The theme of these three illustrations is based on the contemporary interpretation of the ancient Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber and 1900s architectures which merged the Chinese architecture and western architecture together. While taking the reforming of the city into considerations, current urbanism and architecture trends are not only an isolated subject or study, they become a universal ideal including fine art, music, industrial design even culinary art instead. No country could fight on it own against the formalistic global urbanization which paints the multifarious culture identities into dull grey glass buildings. However, as a citizen of an ancient nation and an architect as well, changes could be done.
Inductively, urbanism of a city which sometimes takes centuries of time, is a game between multi-players such as citizens, governors, and financial groups. The seesaw battles are tedious to the others but meaningful on my own perspective. Players, in this case, is both stakeholders and controllers in process. They sometimes must play multiple rolls in terms of different social characters. Roll the dice and you will have chances or challenges.
Virescence in ancient Chinese architecture tend to be gardening which is for the rich. Middle classes are maniac about the potted plants, which are smaller versions of the wide nature or the designed gardens with the wisdom of space using. Layers of plants putting together creates new hierarchy and becomes the new architecture on its own.
In all, the trend of global urbanism is inevitable for us all. However, small steps of our own culture introspection based on the current situations could be meaning for us all.

Jiaxin YunJiaxin YunJiaxin YunJiaxin Yun

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