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Wenyu Zheng

ID: 1315

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ID: 1315
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The reason why I created these three pictures is because the wonder and concern I had for our living condition and environment under the epidemic. When we are staying inside the space, the outside world was isolated from people, and it is difficult for us to go out and see the surrounding city-scapes and only left with imaginations.
In order to discuss this imaginary urban environment, there are concerns about the current situations and the imaginary world after the epidemic crisis. The scene in the first picture is in a restaurant. It was a mixed perspective view of restaurant, and a very special appearance for the audiences. Its walls (up and down, left and right) are opposite worlds. For example, on the wall on the left, people are sitting on high-rise buildings and overeating. Underneath is the natural world, while on the opposite wall is an ideal world in order (here is a reference to the glorious city of Corbusier). There are ancient frescoes on the ceiling, but the ground is composed of modern buildings. There is also a waiter in the middle delivering food to the diagonally placed table. The whole environment is very complicated, which symbolizes that there are many opposites in the real world, and there are many temptations, and it is difficult for people to find directions in it.
The second picture shows our environment as a collective mesh and expressing some pieces of the spaces, people, animals, and buildings. In this drawing, I created a mixed space between the reality landscape and ideal space with physical architecture.
The third picture is a reference to Andy Warhol’s artistic creation method. It represents that every piece of this architectural space in our lives is different in color and contrasts sharply. It expresses that everyone’s original intentions are different, and they have experienced a When the selection of the series finally goes to the end, the sentiment will be different.

Wenyu ZhengWenyu ZhengWenyu ZhengWenyu Zheng

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