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Won Chul Kim

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ID: 1312
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Montreal is a city of diversity.
English and French coexist, and tradition and pop culture coexist.
In terms of architecture and urbanism, Montreal is a city of kitsch. Orange-shaped hot dog houses, Japanese-style hotels, and urban beer factories boast their architectural postmodern power.

Also, Montreal is a city of uncanny. There are still buildings on the site of the Montreal World Exposition in 1967. The sphere-shaped American Pavilion, the Tunisian Pavillon, and the Korean Pavilion still remind us of that time. We can find some strangeness on this Montrealer site as temporary buildings became permanent ones.

In Montreal, serious-minded modernist architecture is difficult to take root. In Montreal, sensibility and pop match rather than reason and aura.

We can see some of the buildings above in both pictures. These kitsch and postmodern buildings are under the Jacques Cartier Bridge, Montreal's landmark.

The two protagonists of this painting, the feminine skyscrapers, are imagined buildings. They represent the architectural culture of Pop Montreal.

Just as Disco Disco Skyscraper shows off an African-originated dance and music, Arirang Arariyo Skyscraper represents Asian-originated dance and music.

As they radiate rays, these two dashing feminine buildings show themselves proudly in this city of diversity.

I fantasize. In Montreal, even the most famous modernist icon, open hand, loses its aura under provocative rays of this pop architecture.

Won Chul KimWon Chul KimWon Chul KimWon Chul Kim

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