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Architecture Illustration Competition

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Pengye Liu, Bowen Yan, & Wan Jiang

ID: 1311

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ID: 1311
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《Pilgrimage to the palace》

The two plates are from the Forbidden City in Beijing and the Potala Palace in Lhasa. They are the palaces of China that have been handed down for thousands of years, and the treasures of Chinese civilization, And these two pictures are hand-painted illustrations that we went to the field to sketch from life. We strive to record the pride and emotion with pen. They are the treasures left behind by the Great China and the long history of thousands of years. They symbolize the peak of power and the holy land of religious worship. They are the spiritual sustenance of Chinese children. This is the reason why we choose them.

The magnificent red and yellow of the Forbidden City and the mysterious white of the Potala Palace occupy the central axis and the highest peak. Just like our growing heart, we always love our country and our nation. At the same time, we should constantly develop ourselves like the spirit expressed in paintings. The most important thing is to remember that we should always remember the great historical memories of our motherland and pass them on from generation to generation through artistic means!

Pengye Liu, Bowen Yan, & Wan JiangPengye Liu, Bowen Yan, & Wan JiangPengye Liu, Bowen Yan, & Wan JiangPengye Liu, Bowen Yan, & Wan Jiang

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