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Architecture Illustration Competition

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Elder I. Sanchez

ID: 1310

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ID: 1310
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An architectural building which I have been inspired by is The Mount Fuji World Heritage Center, Shizuoka, designed by famous architect Shigeru Ban.
The astonishing building with its reflective infinity pool properties as means to pay tribute to Mt. Fuji gives a fantasy type feel as if we are looking through a portal to another world. Not only that but with the mesmerizing wooden structure extruding the glass building, a similar yet distinctive organic feel becomes present as well. It is truly incredible how the building changes its sensory values through the day and night, bringing in two different magical worlds together.
Through the drawing, the lower half depicts a magical luminescent forest with futuristic ruins which represent an imaginative night view of the Mount Fuji Heritage Center. While the top portion shows a more organic and natural setting with floating islands with cascading waterfalls meant to appease the mind as the building blends in with its conditions during the day.

Elder I. SanchezElder I. SanchezElder I. SanchezElder I. Sanchez

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