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Ante Jacoby

ID: 1309

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ID: 1309
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I love living in Brooklyn NY, but the pandemic has really demonstrated how gray and unfriendly the city can be. The buildings in this illustration are actually all taken from the street I live on in Bed-Stuy (as observed from my window), and were planted in my dream-neighborhood. A neighborhood that is healthier and more sustainable. I studied urban sociology and have always been fascinated by work, either scholarly or artistic, that reinvents the fabric of a city so that it prioritizes people, health and sustainability through urban gardening and outdoor event venues, parks or other green pockets, and bike lanes. Inspired in part by urbanist Jane Jacobs’s philosophy that proximity makes cities vital, I would love to see more dense, walkable neighborhoods.
Walking and cycling also present huge opportunities for small businesses in the neighborhood to thrive, which is ever more crucial during Covid. It’s not just the environmental aspect. The business on this illustration are local (and mainly black-owned) businesses on my street that suffered greatly during the pandemic and some no longer exist.

Ante JacobyAnte JacobyAnte JacobyAnte Jacoby

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