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Yilun Cao

ID: 1306

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ID: 1306
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When I was a child, I watched the film "Spirited Away" and was captivated by the scenes of the train on the water. To me, the train was a link between the real world and the magical world. I wanted to travel to another world by train. And this dream has always been rooted in my heart.

Later I grew up and became a student of landscape architecture. By chance, I visited an abandoned railway manufacturing plant in Haidian District, Beijing. There were abandoned carriages and disused railway tracks, as well as some machinery for lifting the tracks. Plants grow quietly here without being disturbed by human activities. It looked like a magical world. And the moment I saw it, I was reminded of my childhood dream.

I hope to use the abandoned carriages and railway tracks here to create a children's playground. There are trains on the water, spaces to relax outdoors and opportunities to explore freely. The children can get involved in nature and feel the evolution of plants here. At the same time, there are many such abandoned factories in Beijing in the future. I hope that they will all come back to life and bring joy to people.

If all these abandoned sites are reused, they will be like fireflies that bring the light of dreams to the city. When these lights come together, they can create a great deal of warmth. This design is a continuation of my childhood dream and my current dream. It is "Dream and Dream Stories ".

Yilun CaoYilun CaoYilun CaoYilun Cao

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