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Gabriela Santos da Rocha

ID: 1305

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ID: 1305
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Representation and representativeness

Architectural logic occurs especially in drawing: a technique, a method, a process in itself. Drawing is a project in itself.

When we, truthfully, comprehend this logic, we understand that the drawing is symbolic, it is the representation of our own interests as architects.

This is what the following drawings, ludic and abstract, are about. In a tangled cycle of inspiration and emotion… Constructions thought up by women, women who build... that all motivated me. Motivated me by the possibility of belonging, of stimulating, encouraging, and believing in myself, by the magnitude of being both around all over the world: buildings and women (even if not all of them are architects).  

People spend most of their lives inside buildings, each one has a (hi)story, which is meaningful enough. However, in the architectural historical sense, these collages highlight architectural remarkable icons, as well as notable women architects, but not only…

Simplistic collages with many complexities between the lines. From the condition of gender, to racial and socioeconomic conditions, among other intersections not easily perceived, such as gender expression, for example. Whereas, since the visibility of women at all times has been reduced, the few we know and who will be presented here are mostly white women architects, with minimal socioeconomic conditions to be able to study an elitist course such as architecture, female architects who follow the heteronormative precepts...

Representativeness matters, impacts and it is empowerment, it means seeing oneself positively and being part of a whole, neither falling short nor being excluded. Equality must be of class, gender and race as well, it must be as holistic as possible.

Thinking about that, I set out to study and learn more about my professional colleagues, with a commitment to reflect, create and project from a closer look at these guidelines.

Because the condition of women, in all spheres, produces a butterfly effect. The woman sees, develops and seeks solutions through the perspective of that condition, women's daily necessities. This includes not only the women themselves but also the beings that she, as a woman, is traditionally responsible for caring for.

Bringing it to a very current context, for example, there’s the issue of confronting Covid-19, in which all countries with female leaders had superior and more effective responses in combating the pandemic. The pandemic scenario also elucidated disparities already known by women, in double, triple journeys, perhaps even more. Which in themselves would give another article, to unravel the details. In any case, it seems at least relevant to pay due attention to these details.

In the midst of these and many other reflections, I drew, redrew… I tested. And a priori, as a result of these essays, these simple collages were conceived – timeless, abstract, fun – to cognize, recognize and, also, with the hope of arousing and stimulating curiosity about women architects and their creations in other people. I would like to tribute them in some way, to value them, to inspire others to keep it on.

Gabriela Santos da RochaGabriela Santos da RochaGabriela Santos da RochaGabriela Santos da Rocha

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