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Tian Xiang Wu

ID: 1304

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ID: 1304
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The entrapment of rural space becomes a part of urbanization. This kind of progress seems to have no retreat. New buildings seem to enclose an invisible iron curtain between the city and the countryside, and its scope is constantly shrinking. An eyewitness, I tried to show the relationship between the city and the countryside in the context of urbanization, and the mutual interaction on the scale of spatial relationship is very specific and beyond reality. Fortunately, the architecture can still build the original village texture, can perceive the relationship between space and people, precise nature and stretch. The urbanized space is huge but fragmented, mixed together within an established system. The presentation of the two colors is based on reality, and the two seem to have reached a short-term balance between visual contradictions and conflicts. With the advancement of urbanization, a memory gap occurred on this land has been created. Therefore, after surpassing pessimism, I often gaze at what is happening and try to actively find a kind of mitigating answer or just Describe the phenomenon itself. Hope that through the three slice angles of "bridge", "dwelling house" and "light", it is about what happened in the past, what happened now, and what will happen.

Tian Xiang WuTian Xiang WuTian Xiang WuTian Xiang Wu

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