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Maya Kamaeva, Benjamin Magin, & Mikail Maqsood

ID: 1303

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ID: 1303
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Convergence of Aqueducts at Porta Furba:
The expansive layering of Roman history manifests itself in a convergence of four aqueducts at Porta Furba: Aqua Claudia, Aqua Marcia, Anio Novus, and Acqua Felice. Construction of these magnificent structures spans from 144 BC to 1586 AD; interestingly, each serves the same purpose of delivering clean drinking water from the mountainous regions in the southeast to what is now called the Roman Centro Storico. The four aqueducts exist in a simbiotico-parasidic relationship, where they reuse each other’s construction materials and employ another’s structural integrity to support the newer water ducts. The primary ambition of these illustrations is to capture not only the formal relationships between these four buildings, but also their interaction with the passage of time, from construction until eventual decay. Thus, clustered together at Porta Furba, an expression of the Roman timelessness emerges.

Maya Kamaeva, Benjamin Magin, & Mikail MaqsoodMaya Kamaeva, Benjamin Magin, & Mikail MaqsoodMaya Kamaeva, Benjamin Magin, & Mikail MaqsoodMaya Kamaeva, Benjamin Magin, & Mikail Maqsood

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