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Dor Bellaiche

ID: 1302

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ID: 1302
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The image depicts a possible future for the city of Arad in southern Israel and was created as part of a scenario study.  in this scenario an economic collapse caused by the COVID-19 recession in Israel, coupled with an environmental crisis of rapid desertification leads to the city being slowly abandoned. Many leave, except for those who have nowhere to go, the many refugee who inhabit the city.  Meanwhile the changing climate is causing droughts and disrupts agriculture in central Africa. The region is experiencing political, social and economic upheavals. A large-scale trend of migration begins in two main directions: south, towards South-Africa, and north towards Europe, North-Africa and Israel.
The waves of African immigrants coming from the Egyptian border do not stop. The refugees are not warmly received in Israel and are forced to live in restricted areas. The city of Arad which before the crisis had 30,000 residents is a shell of itself and only inhabits a few hundred people. The Israeli government decides to settle the refugees in the failed city, far away from the main population centers in the Israeli coastline.
After decades of climatic and economic decline the city of Arad is barely habitable. The city functions as an autonomous ex-territory managed by refugees. This autonomous society lives in hardship, the new city residents must apply creative ways to endure the harsh climate and use makeshift building additions to mitigate the climate change effects.
The image was used to extract design principles for a Sustainable urban renewal program for Arad, while looking forward at the threats of the future. The Negev, the southern desert in Israel is one third of the state total area and steadily grows every year due to process of desertification. This scenario shows the large scale impact of global climate change which have the power to influence all aspects of life.

Dor BellaicheDor BellaicheDor BellaicheDor Bellaiche

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