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Jiageng Guo

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ID: 1301
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City of Mechanical Time and Body Time

"In this world, there are 2 times. The mechanical time and body time. The first is rigid and metallic as a massive pendulum that swings back and forth. The second squirms and wriggles like a bluefish in a bay." - Einstein's Dream, Alan Lightman

This imaginary city (collage) explores the associated ritual & cultural frictions between 2 times. In Mechanical time, they rise at 7 o'clock, have lunch at noon, supper at 6, work 40-hour a week, make love between 8 - 10 pm, read the Sunday newspaper on Sunday, play chess on Tuesday night. For them, time is a strict rule of their routines, each clock carries the quantitative and qualitative representation of their life.

In spontaneous time, they eat whenever they are hungry, sleep when they are tired, go to work when they wake from their sleep, make love all hours of the day. They know that time struggles forward when they are trying to rush an injured child to the hospital and time darts across the field of vision when they are lying in an arm of a secret lover. They don't listen to the sound of the clock but instead following their heartbeats and desire.

Taking a walk from the bridge, one sees the 2 worlds in one. The train arriving strictly at 1:50 picking up officers to start working at 2. While on the beach below, friends have not seen each other gathering around the table as they drink and laugh. The lights in the housing apartments are lining up with the same color. While 2 lovers lazily open up their eyes, surprised to find out that day has come.

Confined in the room space, we find the 2 times more and more intertwined, and through which we confront many issues like the lack of personal boundary/privacy, the general (ab)use of labor, or the disruption of sleep/exercise routine to eating disorder. "Where the two times meet, desperation. Where the two times go their separate ways, contentment. Each time is true, but the truths are not the same." Forms of pandemic events may have the power to confine us in space but will never take away our time. This city collage advocates that we cherish our time in 2021 and make the best out of it!

Jiageng GuoJiageng GuoJiageng GuoJiageng Guo

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