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Architecture Illustration Competition

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Nastaran Razavi

ID: 1300

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ID: 1300
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1- Gonbad Sabz Garden: A Small Garden with Three Domes
Location Qom, Iran
The structure is a regular 12-sided one with decorative ceilings on all sides.

2- The tomb of the prophet Daniel
Location in Shush, Iran (Persia)
the tomb of the prophet Daniel is one of the religious tombs with an orchid dome and two shells, a tomb that is unique in Iran. The dome of the tomb has 25 raised floors and two shells, The height of the dome is about 20 meters and its diameter is  about 5 meters. One of the features of this tomb is the scale of this tomb is the scale of being human in its inner or partial shell. The outer shell is symbolic so that it can be seen from almost all parts of the city and even outside the city and gives a beautiful effect to the city.
The western part of the tomb is decorated with Iranian Islamic tiles. The tiles on which it is inscribed are decorated with the holy threshold of the prophet Daniel. From the east, there are two minarets about 10 meters high on both sides, The entrance of all synagogues is from the eastern part.
This tomb is one of the main tourist attractions and sights of Shush and is visited by many domestic and foreign guests every years.

3-The Badgir of Aghazadeh's House
Location Abarkuh, Iran
badgir(wind catcher) inspired me because the architectural system of building house with mud and brick, plastered with cob, dome - shaped ceilings, tall walls, basements and ventilations to fight against dry hot summers and dry cold winters.

Nastaran RazaviNastaran RazaviNastaran RazaviNastaran Razavi

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