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Gas Station of the Future Design Competition

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Lukas Frenzel & Nicolas Debest

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ID: 128
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Catalyst OrbsThe classic gas station is on the brink of extinction. Its former sole purpose to refuel a vehicle with fossil fuels is challenged by the demand for a sustainable future, in which the electric car and alternative mobility is playing a greater role than ever. The typology of the gas station must evolve from short term, unsustained consumerism to a space that connects to its context, a space that contributes to its neighbors and gives back to the public. The design of the Catalyst Orbs is based on this very concept. It tries to marry typologies in ways that promote new synergies, and make the gas station a place also for people, instead of only for cars. The orbs, that are designed to be a flexible module, an easy addition to any gas station on the world have a multitude of possibilities for programming. The gym module for example represents a workout space, where physical energy is not merely wasted, but the fitness equipment is set up to produce energy, that feeds back into the electric charging system underneath. Similarly, the urban farming module allows for local fruit and vegetable growth, while plants and trees inside it are cleaning the air of carbondioxide and are helping to create a healthy climate. The playground orb, provides an elevated, safe space for children to play in even in a dense urban environment. Additionally the spaces between the orbs on the roof, act as a new, green public space, open for contemplation to everyone. With its new transformation the gas station remains true to its identity, while also staying relevant in a clean, sustainable future. Yet it evolves beyond its original purpose and becomes an ecological, economical and social engine in urban and rural areas alike.

Lukas Frenzel & Nicolas DebestLukas Frenzel & Nicolas DebestLukas Frenzel & Nicolas DebestLukas Frenzel & Nicolas Debest

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