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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Xiaodan Zhou & Muyao Zhang

ID: 1236

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ID: 1236
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"Everyone who passes away will become a star."

The pandemic of Covid-19 restricts everyone in the world to stay behind a window in their homes day and night, and  experienced sudden losses everyday. On April 8th 2020, China announced the reopening of all cities, and Wuhan, one of the cities where the virus was first discovered, was also reopened. The world is slowly moving towards the "next destination", just like people passing by a bus stop, rushing for their next destinations.

Our design is called the "Next Destination" memorial bus stop design, which is located in front of the community where a passed-away Covid-19 patient used to live in, in Wuhan, China. The design is a bus stop with lightweight suspension cables and canopies. During the day, the mirrored ceiling shields passengers from excessive sunlight and pollution from vehicles. Passengers watch for the signal lights on top of the structure for information. Sitting under the mirrored canopy, passengers would see themselves and the other seats inside the "1.5m safe social distance" circles reflected in the mirror -- while there is one empty circle in the sun. Above this circle, there is a designed opening of canopy. It is designed in memory of the vision of the patient who wished to see the sakura blossom* but didn’t make it through. It also commemorates a loss of friend, or a loss of a beloved elder in this pandemic. And the moment of the vision represents their last time beside the window inside the isolation wards.

Getting on the bus, the vision is shifted. From bus windows, passengers could see sky reflected by the canopy , and a sakura tree through the opening. The tree was planted in memory of the patient, and it has been irrigated by the recycled water from the hand-wash sink attached to the stop. Meanwhile, washing hands becomes a memorial action within the bus stop.

At night, the lights on the structure start to light up the stop for passengers. The star-like lights on the ground are also lit and get reflected onto the canopy. The reflection looks like a flipping world with starry night.

This kind of memorial space is designed to every bus stop in the city, connecting people’s emotions and lighting up the journeys for passengers. They commemorate the time beside the window both for patient and survivors, the sudden losses, as well as the courage in fighting with the pandemic and starting to move forward. These stops shine inside the city, like the those stars in the dark sky.

*Sakura is a famous site of attraction of Wuhan University, and many people come to visit it every year.

Xiaodan Zhou & Muyao ZhangXiaodan Zhou & Muyao ZhangXiaodan Zhou & Muyao ZhangXiaodan Zhou & Muyao Zhang

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