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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Vaibhav Singh & Lohit Samotra

ID: 1235

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ID: 1235
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Memorials are generally built to remember those who lost their lives fighting battles, be it in wars or fighting pandemic. We wanted to redefine this term by also remembering those who went through the pain and suffering of corona and came out victorious.

Suffering from COVID is painful experience where the patient has difficulty breathing, constant ache, and chronic fatigue. We wanted the visitors to experience this to an extent through designing spaces.
The visitor first goes down a ramp, which has walls on both sides but the walls are flat on the ground initially. Moving forward, the walls slowly and continuously rotate inwards to resemble the suffocation felt by a covid patient.

The landscape around this portion consists of cactus and dry plants.

At the end of the ramp, there is an opening to the left, which leads to a dark cubical room where only limited natural light is allowed through small openings in the roof. The darkness creates confusion and denotes pain and death. Projectors on the floor, along walls, project photos of those who died fighting the pandemic.

The imaginary grid on the floor is of a sunset in this space. Marking the end. The roof openings are based on this grid.

As the person moves along walls, he/she sees an opening leading to another cubical space. There is a water stream flowing between the two spaces. Water is a symbol of life, of purity, of health.

The person walks over this stream through a small glass walkway.

The second cubical space is exactly the opposite or an alternate mirror of the previous cube. It has interior walls exactly below where the roof openings were in the previous space. This new space has ample natural light as there is no roof. It denotes the afterlife and/or a new life.

The imaginary grid on the floor is of a sunrise in this space. Denoting a new day, new life. The interior walls are placed using this grid.

When someone close to us is deceased, we like to think that they must be in a better place, heaven, where there is no pain and is peaceful. This is what we wanted to showcase. The deceased now is in a better place.

The landscape around this space is lush green, with flowering plants and trees.

Names of those patients who went through the pain and suffering and came out victorious in their battle will be engraved and displayed here. They were able to walk through the darkness and came out on the other side.

While those who died also came out but in some other world.

Vaibhav Singh & Lohit SamotraVaibhav Singh & Lohit SamotraVaibhav Singh & Lohit SamotraVaibhav Singh & Lohit Samotra

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