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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Bingyu Zhu, Dehao Zha, & Wenhao Li

ID: 1234

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ID: 1234
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In 2020, COVID-19 poses a great challenge to the human world. The intimacy that people take for granted is increasingly isolated from each other by cold glass wards. In the face of the epidemic, the power of companionship is enormous.
We value the power of people to connect with each other. Companionship in daily life is our understanding and starting point of the COVID-19 commemoration. The commemoration should not be a ceremonious individual act, but a spontaneous occurrence within the community, open to participation at any time. so the bus stop in the community became the best choice. The station faces the community and is backed by nature, the original supporting structure naturally defines a shelter space. The bus stop board divides the daily space and the spiritual space, the hidden gaps between the boards seem to create a human connection.
This design attempts to use the original station structure to create a memorial space belonging to the community. A station, a wall and a brick box are connected under the same roof, forming the platform space, the outdoor memorial space and the chapel containing two or three people, which are defined by the concrete roof with different slopes, and connected by the platform below the station. The bearing structure and maintenance structure form two interfaces of continuity and separation, which are gently illuminated by the lamp tubes contained in I-BEAM. The display interface is used to form a wooden frame, filled with custom-made glass boxes engraved with the names of each of the community's deceased, containing small things with memories for passers-by to remember and commemorate.Interior materials and details with  local traditional memories are kept simple to enhance the spirituality
A central panel divides the physical space into two worlds, connecting the two with light as a medium. The two memorial spaces (the outdoor grounds and the indoor chapel) are defined by the roof, the possibility implicit dialogue between city are retained.When a passer-by removes the glass box during the day, light passes through the partition, imprinting the names of the deceased in the form of light patches on the backyard floor. This beam of light travels through time and space, connecting pedestrians, the deceased and family members.At night, the glass box will be illuminated by lights, dropping all the names of the deceased, creating a pure world of light.

Bingyu Zhu, Dehao Zha, & Wenhao LiBingyu Zhu, Dehao Zha, & Wenhao LiBingyu Zhu, Dehao Zha, & Wenhao LiBingyu Zhu, Dehao Zha, & Wenhao Li

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