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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Paweł Spryszak

ID: 1230

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ID: 1230
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[breathe] is the memorial that honours victims of COVID-19 as well as their families and friends who have to cope with loss and grief. People all over the world are challenged with adjusting to the new normality. However, it seems impossible to look into the future while many people are connected to the past by pain.
General idea of the design is based on belief that coronavirus knows no borders and feeling of sadne ss and grief is something that is shared by all communities. This led to the design of a memorial that is universal and can be placed all around the world, in every community and culture. While it can honour our closest ones, members of local communities, [breathe] can also connect us with the rest of the world where strength and hope can be found.
[breathe] consists of two cubes. Bigger one with dimensions of 6 x 6 x 6 m is made of airtight, glass walls and steel frame. Smaller cube measuring 2 x 2 x 2 m is located
inside glass form. It serves as a source of light and heat. Higher temperature allows air inside bigger cube to be more humid than air outside. Thanks to this on the inner
side of glass walls occurs condensation. This effect is meant to resemble breathing and ever living memory of those who were lost to COVID 19.
Light is often associated with hope and afterlife. It is supouse to bring solace to families and friends.
Empty space between walls of both amounts 2 metres (6'5”) and is direct reference to social distancing between infected and healthy people. This distance symbolize
isolation that accompanies with disease and in some cases death.
My design is not only a way to honour those who died. It is a also a way to bring hope for communitie s that will be faced with difficulties in the near future. The memorial is a chance to take one last, deep breath, before entering a new world.

Paweł SpryszakPaweł SpryszakPaweł SpryszakPaweł Spryszak

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