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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Dietmar Starke, Juliane Trancoso, Thiers Freire, & Maria do Carmos dos Santos

ID: 1229

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ID: 1229
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The chosen location is the Quinta da Boa Vista Park in Rio de Janeiro’s City, with its natural beauty representing a place of tribute to the victims of Covid-19 along with nature, transmitting peace and security to remember and honor their loved ones and at the same time live an experience of reflecting on the fragility of human life and the interconnection with the destruction of the planet.

The creation of a sensory installation in nature and a face-to-face and virtual intercommunication, which involves three elements in its concept, Globe, mirrors and virtual images.

The globe represents the planet, countries and victims who are absent in these. The visitors in person will be able to hear the Wind Bells hanging in the structure of the Globe, sounds that are representative of life, silences, longing, absences and presences. The AIR that stirs the Bells is the same one that lacked the victims of COVID-19 and has been missing from the planet. It will be a warning flag in memory of those who died and the need for change. Air is a fundamental element for human and planetary life.

The LED Lights will also signal an alert of the environmental situation, which will be seen from afar, between a range of colors that starts from green and proceeds in yellow, blue and red, meaning in this sequence good to poor air quality. The lights will turn the Globe on in its external structure, announcing, through its color, level of air pollution of Rio de Janeiro’s city, or the fires of the Amazon, thus establishing a connection between the Pandemic and the Air qualitative conditions.

The Mirrors in the project represent the technologies that REFLECS MAN and Nature; Past, Present and Future. They intend to create, from the reflected images possibilities of desires about what man wants at the personal, community and planetary level. Mirrors allow the observer to look at his past and question himself about changes, attitudes, relationships and ways of life that affects him, his family members, human beings and the planet in the Present and the Future.

The digital importance in the midst of pandemic has enabled information and communication technologies to (re)connect people even at a distance. The Memorial becomes a PORTAL to the WORLD, enabling interaction between family and friends of victims from different countries.  In this element we will create an app with databases of victims with their families, which will make the interaction between the digital screens of the monument and people. People will be able to write messages and stories to the honorees and the world regarding the new behavior we need to have and the attitudes we need to rethink. On site, by a qr-code images of the VICTIMS can be activated on the 6 screens fixed next to the mirrored walls, families will be able to see the faces of their loved ones and pay their respects, as well as communicate with other networked families worldwide.

Dietmar Starke, Juliane Trancoso, Thiers Freire, & Maria do Carmos dos SantosDietmar Starke, Juliane Trancoso, Thiers Freire, & Maria do Carmos dos SantosDietmar Starke, Juliane Trancoso, Thiers Freire, & Maria do Carmos dos SantosDietmar Starke, Juliane Trancoso, Thiers Freire, & Maria do Carmos dos Santos

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