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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Yaqing Xue

ID: 1228

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ID: 1228
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Nowadays, People around the world are actively fighting the coronavirus epidemic. There are many medical workers still work on the frontline and fight with coronavirus. According to the statistics, during the epidemic period, there were more than 1.2 million people died in coronavirus. Therefore, I want to design a memorial to mourn those who died in coronavirus and all medical workers. The memorial location is in Wuhan, China because Wuhan is the first area to find coronavirus on the word. I just want to take Wuhan as an example to transmit my idea.
When Wuhan outbreak the coronavirus, many medical workers from all over the country have gathered in Wuhan. They gave up their time to stay with their families at the special period, and I do believe all medical workers in every country are the same. They are working hard to remedy every life. Thus, every staff member working in the front line of anti-epidemic is worthy of respect. They are working together to treat every patient and fight the virus. It's like hemp rope twisted together to fight against the coronavirus. Each rope beside the monument represents the support of each province for Wuhan. The water surrounding the terrace represents the Yangtze River that passes through Wuhan. The five branches on the side represent the five lakes that flow into the Yangtze River
In the epidemic, many people died because of the new coronavirus. Due to the special of the virus, many of them hadn’t to look at their family and friends at the end of their lives. As a result, I want to plant a tree to each people who died in coronavirus and write their name on the small stone table. Every tree will keep 6 feet distance. The tree will represent hope and the memory of the dead. As the same time, it will make people to revere life.

Yaqing XueYaqing XueYaqing XueYaqing Xue

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