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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Kim Hong Gi, Park Jung Hyun, & Lee Hyeok Jin

ID: 1227

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ID: 1227
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There are abandoned spaces in various places in the city. The space under the bridge is one of them. Like this, abandoned spaces that exist in the city but are not visible to people. In the COVID-19 era, death is more heartless than any other death. The bereaved families cannot have enough time to mourn and share their feelings with the people around them. The hidden space in the city represents the victims of the COVID-19 hidden behind the word 'survival.'

Seoullo 7017 located in Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea is a remodeling of an old overpass for pedestrians. This road is bright and environmentally friendly and is used as a place of relaxation for the citizens. In addition, it is adjacent to Seoul Station, which has a large floating population in Seoul, and is very accessible to people. The road connects two spaces and creates a community.

In Seoullo 7017, the space we concentrated on is not the bright space above the bridge, but the dark space under the bridge. In areas with a large floating population, this space is dark and people do not stay in contrast to the surroundings. This space is as unnoticed and abandoned as the forgotten victims among survivors. Changing this space, which resembles the  COVID-19 victims, could be one way to remember them. We intend to mourn the victims by planning some of these abandoned spaces as a memorial space reflecting Korean traditional consciousness.

In Korea, it is believed that fire connects this world with the other world. The ritual of burning a fire around a river or beach and parting from an ancestor is called "farewell fire".They also believes that this is able to send evil spirits, pests and sick gods as well as ancestors. People gather in front of the fire to pray for mourning and hope and feel a bond.

To reflect these traditional rituals, we have redesigned the Seoullo 7017 Observatory for a space of light. This light is an element that brightens a dark space and means the fire that connects this world and the other world. The abandoned space brightened by light will be designed as a shelter where citizens can stay and transformed into a usable space. Citizens who use this area remember and mourn the victims through the dark passages and the light that illuminates the ground.

Kim Hong Gi, Park Jung Hyun, & Lee Hyeok JinKim Hong Gi, Park Jung Hyun, & Lee Hyeok JinKim Hong Gi, Park Jung Hyun, & Lee Hyeok JinKim Hong Gi, Park Jung Hyun, & Lee Hyeok Jin

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