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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Haoyu Zheng & Jihang Miao

ID: 1224

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ID: 1224
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Considering that COVID-19 epidemic affects all over China, we think that a national memorial hall should be established to provide a mourning place for citizens and to warn the future generations. The location of the project is set near Leishenshan Hospital in Wuhan. This is the front line of the fight against COVID-19 and has great commemorative significance. Wuhan is the place where the epidemic is the worst in China, and citizens need a place where they can release their emotions. The best way to mourn is to empathize. We divide the epidemic timeline into five stages, denial, outbreak, stabilization, decline and acceptance, and try to use different architectural spaces to reappear the emotional of the people during these five stages.

The main body of the building is divided into two parts: above ground and underground. The inspiration for the above-ground urban park is the most common thing in the epidemic: the mask. The park is composed of pixelated platforms, and there is no definite path. Different paths lead to different entrances. The public garden on the roof is a metaphor for Wuhan at the beginning of the epidemic. People are still indifferent and confused about COVID-19 and still go to the gathering activities. Considering that the global epidemic is not over yet, we lift the four sides of the mask on the ground to ensure underground ventilation.

On the edge of specific platforms, there are eight elevators leading directly to the underground. When people enter the elevator, the light suddenly changes from bright to dark, and the elevator drops rapidly. People can experience the panic and helplessness of people in Wuhan when the epidemic suddenly breaks out. At the end of the elevator is a slender passage, and on both sides of the passages are different mourning spaces. The mourning space is enclosed by the prefabricated housing panels of Leishenshan Hospital, and the circulation and interior layout of the space also refer to that hospital. The dark and depressing space makes people feel like they are in the darkest period in Wuhan. The covert space also provides a secret room for people release their emotions.

Coming out of the mourning room, the steps of the passage began to slowly rise, the ceiling of the room was gradually lifted away from the walls, which means COVID-19 began to improve. The corner of the passage is a public semi-open platform, which faces a pool. Wuhan is a city of hundreds of lakes, and the people in Wuhan used express their grief by water. People can meditate here and learn from the pain. Through the platform, there is spiral stairway in the center. Walking up the stairs, people can see some anti-epidemic heroes played on screens. Going out of the stairs, it is the highest point of the roof terrace. Looking west is the view of lake and mountains and looking down is the lively urban park. The hope for the future would be lighted by the revitalized city life.

Haoyu Zheng & Jihang MiaoHaoyu Zheng & Jihang MiaoHaoyu Zheng & Jihang MiaoHaoyu Zheng & Jihang Miao

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