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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Eleema Roseborough

ID: 1222

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ID: 1222
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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected people and their communities all over the world. Some communities are disenfranchised and seem to be almost forgotten. The Haitian community has endured and persevered through many hardships despite being disenfranchised. I have designed a memorial for people who have died due to COVID-19 in the Haitian community. The Haitian community is not limited to the country of Haiti, it also includes the Haitian immigrants and decendents in countries such as the USA of America and Canada. I want to create a memorial that allows people in the Haitian community to mourn and feel a strong sense of unity.

The COVID-19 memorial design is a sacred place for people to mourn their loved ones properly. The memorial is located in Port au Prince Haiti. The circular structure promotes a sense of unity amoungst the the people of the Haitian community. The canopy, high walls, and black granitecreate the sacred atmosphere that the victims of COVID-19 deserve. The canopy also creates isolation while keeping the air circulation open. I also wanted the space to feel peaceful and tranquil through the sound of running water. I wanted the water feature to be present and transparent at the same time so I designed an infinity-edge water feature. The dark granite will create more of a sacred space. The victims of  COVID-19 will be displayed on a digital wall in a montage of images. There is a shelf underneath the digital wall that visitors can place deceased loved one’s belongings or flowers. The ramp is in the design to make the space feel as if it is slightly underground. The landscaping outside the memorial is also supposed to give the illusion of the memorial being underground. The illusion of the memorial being slightly underground pays homage to the people who could not be buried by their loved ones. Victims of COVID-19 from the Haitian community have not been forgotten and will be honored through this memorial.

Eleema RoseboroughEleema RoseboroughEleema RoseboroughEleema Roseborough

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