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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Xylar Kocienski

ID: 1221

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ID: 1221
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Covid-19 has impacted society in ways no one was expecting, turning our world upside down. Social distancing precautions and safety regulations have made it hard for people to see their loved ones. Many people have not been able to hug their parents, or hold hands with their significant other, or even see their grandparents. Unfortunately, they may not have known that was going to be their last time doing any of these things with those people.

The idea for the covid-19 community memorial was to design a space that is intimate and innovative. When approached by a visitor, they will notice the exterior lined with mirrors. The idea is that someone can look and see themselves and reflect on their life and be reminded that they should not take their daily life for granted, that there is still hope after everything that has happened thus far. Another reason is that the visitors could be reminded that they are still alive and should continue their social distancing and covid-19 precautions and the virus’ overall seriousness.

The interior images are displayed on digital screens from floor to ceiling on either side. The idea is that these images will continue to be updated and rotated. When using images of visitors' loved ones, this gives a real sense of intimacy. The structure itself follows the shape of a tunnel, making a path visitors can use to surround themselves in the memorial if they choose so. The tunnel-like structure is inspired by the idea that there is light at the end of the tunnel, meaning that soon there will be an end to a bad situation. The structure is 20’ long, 4’ wide, and 10’ tall placed in a green space.

Xylar KocienskiXylar KocienskiXylar KocienskiXylar Kocienski

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