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Gas Station of the Future Design Competition

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Jesmeet Johal

ID: 122

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ID: 122
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This charging station is an experience that takes advantage of future technology and fuses it with sustainable architecture. The space is located at a gas station in Everett, WA. One of the advantages when it comes to designing in Washington state is the freedom to incorporate natural elements into your design. Some of the key features of this space are centered around a future that is cognizant of the implications climate change will have on the environment. It is important to be responsible when designing for the future because architects impact the lives of many people. That is why this station address so many of these problems. These include a green roof, natural light, indoor greenery, solar panels, and natural materials. The advent of technology has also spawned new ways that architecture can be incorporated with it. One of the biggest ways is the growth of electric vehicles. Since the future looks to get rid of gasoline vehicles and replace them with electric, there are many changes that will come on the way. One of these being gas stations. What my design solves is how will adapt to the shifting landscape. The first way it does this is by removing gas pumps and replacing them with robot arms that are able to both charge and service vehicles. This creates multiple uses and caters to the market of autonomous vehicles; aiding in things such as low tire pressure or brake service. Additionally, this station addresses something that is oftentimes overlooked, which is what will happen to the underground gas station tanks. Since there will no longer be a need for them when there are electric vehicles, I decided to use them as store for peoples packages. There are many times where a person may not be at home and in a different state or country, so they can’t pick up something they ordered. This is an issue that service stations such as this will be able to address. Drones will be able to drop off packages down a shaft located on the roof of the station. This will then be stored in the large space underground; waiting to be picked up, or even stocked complimentarily in an autonomous vehicle. Consequently, a shift will happen in the service industry that will even make the purpose of a service station change. The business model will change and will shift the focus from being food to any product that is in demand. This idea will lead to a lot more flexibility in what can be sold in a charging station, and people will be able to decide where to go based on what there needs are. It will also serve as a place for tranquility and relaxation while on their journey. Gas stations are going to change drastically in the future, and will have to adapt to changing technologies. This is what I envision them to be, but all I hope for is that these bussinesses will be able to overcome these challenges in the future.

Jesmeet JohalJesmeet JohalJesmeet JohalJesmeet Johal

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