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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Jiayi Ruan

ID: 1214

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ID: 1214
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During the Coronavirus, many things have changed. Personally, I can't go back to the school, I can't go out with my friends during the break time. And I will remember one in my mind " 6 feet" of social distancing. In the community, many companies have closed down one after another, many companies are slowly laying off employees, and there are fewer and fewer outdoor pedestrians. 2020 is a very special year, it is also a year destined to be recorded by history. In the past, what we remembered was that tens of thousands of people would die in wars, there would be many casualties due to violence and aggression . And this year's sudden Covid has claimed the lives of many people and left many families torn apart. Coronavirus, it has no knives, or guns. It still takes so many lives. It is like a war without smoke. Therefore, the memorial to record this period is called "a war without smoke".
In this memorial, I would like to build a place of silence and hope. There are many deaths in the Covid, which silences people, but we should have hope to overcome the difficulties this time together. I chose to set up the memorial in Harbor View Lawn because I live in Brooklyn and I can personally experience the impact of the Covid on this place. And this place is between The Granite prospect and Pier 1, is a place with a lot of visitors. Another reason is after the Covid, the government has also issued many ways for the park to deal with this period, which can better ensure the safety of visitors. Also, the top view of this park is an oval, which resonates with the shape of my memorial.
The earth is an oval shape, in order to symbolize that the Covid affects the world, I chose an oval shape for this memorial.  For this memorial is mainly divided into two parts, one part is the silent part formed by the outer dark stone wall which is recorded the names of those who lost their lives in Covid. One is the part of the fountain built by the light-colored stone wall in the middle, this part represents hope. It records some people and events that have contributed to society in this period. They didn't lose their lives. They used their own Power protects this society.
Finally, this is an oval road that is convenient for visitors to walk, and it is also a place where relatives cannot say goodbye to their family members due to hospital security measures or proper funerals. In the past, there has never been a battle without gunpowder and casualties. Now we are fighting this war. We should have hope and a sense of responsibility. Let this Covid end quickly. In the future, some visitors who have not experienced this period can come here to experience this A war without smoke.

Jiayi RuanJiayi RuanJiayi RuanJiayi Ruan

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