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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Lanling Shen

ID: 1213

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ID: 1213
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“W” & “E” Hope
The hope. The Meditation. To cherish.

Who will accompany you to the beach?
The summer of 2020 is the season that my family and I have agreed to go to the seaside. My family and friends are looking forward to the moment we meet across the Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately, the world pandemic that has plagued our lives since the end of 2019. It has prevented me from fulfilling my wish for a fantastic holiday with my family. Even more heartbreaking is the fact that this pandemic has claimed so many lives, destroyed so many families. In such a harsh environment, front-line medical workers and volunteers are still hopeful, risking the plague to explore hidden difficulties for us. I hope this monument honors those who have worked so hard for the world. What's more, “WE” also need to make every effort to help and fight the pandemic. At the same time, each of us should cherish the relatives and friends around us more.

Go to the beach with family and friends to watch the sunrise and sunset.
The sunrise is the beginning of the day. Sunlight is one of the foundations of life. What do we think of when we watch the sun slowly rise or disappear over the blue horizon? Family, friends, goals, beautiful moments of peace. The alternation of sunrises and sunsets means that today is difficult for us, but tomorrow will still arrive on time. Because we are not alone, we should be brave and positive to face tomorrow.
The center’s square Windows provide beautiful views of sunrise and sunset. A ray of sunlight filtered through the long rectangular window. The red glass in the square window reflects sunlight, expressing a warm and hot heart. The trapezoidal window at the top represents the future. All this means that the dawn of the future will dawn every day.

The road to the future.
A path is the process of connecting the previous spot and the next place, and is also a direction.I hope that as we walk to the memorial, we can remember the pandemic in 2019. The polygonal pattern is made of blue glass, and water flows under the glass. Polygons symbolize our interconnected world. Seen from above, the statue has a triangular roof, also like two English letters which are  “W” and “E” overlapping each other. They mean that we communicate and influence each other in the same home called “the world”. We are facing the pandemic under the same blue sky. Rising heights indicate a world of constant progress;The falling water symbolizes the flow of time.We continue to make progress, which is our best hope to overcome all difficulties.

Lanling ShenLanling ShenLanling ShenLanling Shen

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