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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Liu Qingzhou, Wu Hengshi, & Li Jiaxin

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ID: 1212
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Wuhan Epidemic Memorial Hall—————— The world under Covid-19

In the early period of 2020, the new coronavirus from the South China Seafood Market in Wuhan has ravaged the world, which brings countless death to the world and completely changed the lifestyles of society. During this competition, we take the theme of commemorating the people who lost their life in Wuhan, abstract the various stages of the coronavirus invasion for human society, and the response methods of human beings during the plague period. Then, refined the primary spatial experience, and making the memorial itself become narrative. The visitors will understand the entire Wuhan COVID-19 pandemic from space while remembering the dead.

At the beginning stage of the pandemic, people were full of questions about the virus: At the beginning of 2020, the eight “rumourers” including Dr. Li Wenliang who forwarded the fact that the virus was spread from human to human, hoping to get the attention from the community. And the new coronavirus entered the field of public vision. We concluded the new coronavirus pandemic in Wuhan into five stages, each stage has a corresponding spatial language and narrative method. We hope that generations in the future will able to remember this tragedy.

The memorial is not only to remember a certain event but also by the act of commemorating to establish a personal reflection and changeset. From our building, the curved shape response to the natural order, and the geometric shape response to the human order. In fact, the confrontation between viruses and humans is the spark between the two completely variation rules between natural order and human order. On the other hand, our architecture is seeking a balance point, and I hope this environmentally-friendly view can be passed on to everyone by our memorial. Currently, at an unprecedented speed that human beings are increasingly advanced the tools and technologies to expand. In conclusion, the collision between human order and natural order becomes more intense. This is a fact for the environmental question, and this is also the fact of this epidemic. In the future, our humans may slow down by the pace of expansion or seek a more suitable balance during dealing with natural issues, so that we can prevent the recurrence of tragedies happened again.

Liu Qingzhou, Wu Hengshi, & Li JiaxinLiu Qingzhou, Wu Hengshi, & Li JiaxinLiu Qingzhou, Wu Hengshi, & Li JiaxinLiu Qingzhou, Wu Hengshi, & Li Jiaxin

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