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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Christian Gonzalez, Aracely Galaviz, & Jasmyne Williams

ID: 1210

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ID: 1210
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Our design which imitates the likeness of a tree, symbolizes the cycle of birth and death in life. Trees stand tall and strong in all types of weather, they can withstand harsh storms. All the while, the tree never changes. It’s very existence is a testimony to its strength and fortitude. In the center of the trunk is a hole through which water cascades down. It symbolizes a looking glass through which we can never fully see. As one watches the water run past they are made aware of the fleeting moments of the present. Like water, these moments come and go before we have a chance to appreciate them. Huge steel leaves from the tree cast big shadows and hangs over anyone standing below.

Covid has shown the world how scary it is, but more so how much sadness there is and the shadow of grief that it has cast on the entire world.The design reinforces the concept of being present and cherishing these moments before they’re gone. When something as unpredictability devastating as a pandemic occurs, all we can take with us are these fleeting moments stored in our memory. Droplets of water fall from each leaf into a fountain basin where it catches each drop of water. The droplets falling show how much pain, sadness, and grief this pandemic has brought a person they have lost due to Covid. The weeping tree captures what people have lost, and the emptiness we are left with. Hopefully our memorial reminds us to thoroughly enjoy those moments while they happened, instead of yearning to relive them.

Christian Gonzalez, Aracely Galaviz, & Jasmyne WilliamsChristian Gonzalez, Aracely Galaviz, & Jasmyne WilliamsChristian Gonzalez, Aracely Galaviz, & Jasmyne WilliamsChristian Gonzalez, Aracely Galaviz, & Jasmyne Williams

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