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Gas Station of the Future Design Competition

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Janka Jofoldi, Zsofia Hennel

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ID: 121
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While thinking about the future of the petrol stations we divided three different categories of these stations. First of all, which is in the city centre, and in the future it can dissolve in the functional structure of the city. The second one is the near-highway category, which is either simplifies as a restaurant or disappear because of the lack of connections it have, but what we found the most interesting is the third ones which are in between city and country, where you can fill in before you start a longer journey. We was interested by the fact that it is in a gate situation, and therefore it can be a point of intersection of city public transportation and long distance transportation.

The chosen petrol station is located in Győr, from 15 minutes walking distance from the city center, and it’s also easily accessible from the roads, where the people from the rural areas arrive to the center. Most of the European historical cities fighting with the traffic overload in their narrow streets, so in their future the main inside city transit has to be public transport. In our concept the location turns into a transportation hub, where people from the country can leave their cars in the parking lot and can continue their way to the city with public transportation and bicycles. It also contains a ride-sharing meeting point, because long distance passengers have the option of social transportation as well as having an own car.

The existing store is transforming to a café, while the filling station transforms to a transitional space between the café and the ride-sharing stations. Its transparency enables to wait calm to your driver and drink your coffee in every weather condition. There are several services in the parking lot, you can charge your car while doing your business in the city, also a car+bicycle service, bike rental and a car wash takes place in the parking building. For the easy accessibility we designed also a roundabout in the direction of the main road to the center.

Janka Jofoldi, Zsofia HennelJanka Jofoldi, Zsofia HennelJanka Jofoldi, Zsofia HennelJanka Jofoldi, Zsofia Hennel

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