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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Nicole (Nikki) Austin

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ID: 1209
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In March of 2020, New York City was the Epicenter of the Coronavirus Pandemic. The city and its suburbs accounted for roughly 5% of global cases.

As of Oct 30, 2020, New York City has had over 250,000 Covid cases and close to 20,000 confirmed deaths.

"Still Standing" is a memorial dedicated to the men and women of New York city who lost their lives due to Covid-19. The memorial is located on the rooftop of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and captures the breath-taking view of NYC.

The 6 steel panels represent New Yorkers from the 5 boroughs (plus Long Island) and list their names and date of birth. The panels are designed to fill the gaps of New York city creating a new skyline of those here and no longer here. The reflective nature of the steels gives visitors the opportunity to see themselves with their loved one’s name while allowing them to self-reflect on the part they still play on stopping the spread of the virus. The concrete tile on the floor gives family members a chance to share a loving message to those lost including the goodbyes never said.

Still Standing is a space for self reflection, one that allows you to get closure and remember the good times. The memorial is aimed to breathe life back into NYC from a deadly virus that took so many people’s breath away.

Nicole (Nikki) AustinNicole (Nikki) AustinNicole (Nikki) AustinNicole (Nikki) Austin

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