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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Anoushka Thatte & Mouriya Senthilkumar

ID: 1207

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ID: 1207
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The soothing properties of nature and an expression of human warmth has been inserted into a busy city square, calling for a break from daily routines to explore the emotional impacts on oneself during these challenging times.
The design incorporated three circles of varying sizes that envelop, engulf and cocoon the visitor providing comfort through momentary relief in an altered existence.
The reflection of light on the rings of water surrounding the inhabited circled combined with overflow of water in the main circle creates a restful atmosphere for contemplation. Names of people have also been carved into the inner circle wall through public consent to acknowledge the service of certain individuals in the healthcare, or general community members.
The surrounding statues further celebrate the life of loved ones as they are depicted doing activities they loved when alive. Thus, promoting the joyful aspects of life and living.

Anoushka Thatte & Mouriya SenthilkumarAnoushka Thatte & Mouriya SenthilkumarAnoushka Thatte & Mouriya SenthilkumarAnoushka Thatte & Mouriya Senthilkumar

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