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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Syeda ume Rubab

ID: 1204

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ID: 1204
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During these restrictive times of the pandemic, one thing you may be missing is getting out and about. Whether you going out for a run or meeting a friend at an outdoor restaurant, you felt the benefits of being outdoors. Soothing breezes and a glowing sunset naturally make you feel good. Well, the coronavirus can’t stop springtime — don’t let it stop you altogether from enjoying nature.

Even a walk around the block can nourish your senses when you’re mindful. The sight of budding flowers, a parade of clouds and the sound of birds singing can calm your spirit and bring back balance, at least for the moment. Do what you can to stay connected to nature in whatever way you can. It’s a beautiful path to greater wellness.

• It Boosts Your Mood
• It Keeps You in the Present
• It Energizes You
• It Makes You Kinder
• It Strengthens Your Spirituality

Being an Architect, our job is not just the shelter they need but the security to all those insecure experiences. The pandemics we all had to face must be thought of for the times ahead to have better state situations.
Human like other beings prefer living in communities to observe and to adapt, being social, living around people is now the world progressing but the recent pandemic was I guess a good reason to re-consider and re-think of a better system to live in.
My contribution for a better and healthier architecture comes up being a square (an open space for civic purposes) that is one of the most important and effective urban space considerations.
In particular being re-designed to have the users play with levels and avoid interactions. Plants that help clean the air being used for better environment. Sculptures more like fountains spouting disinfectants and providing a better place for an individual to be in.

Syeda ume RubabSyeda ume RubabSyeda ume RubabSyeda ume Rubab

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