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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Laura Lima Mafia & Luiza De Paula Frizone

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ID: 1201
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Fragment Memorial, located in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil, is made up of (i) a main space, a viewpoint, located in the Serra do Curral Municipal Park, from where almost all of the city can be seen; and of (ii) several totems scattered around the city, located in the center of the neighborhoods that suffered the most from covid-19. The totems has seats and in its center there is a structure curved according to the number of cases of that region, in a way that the higher the number of cases, the higher and the more uneven the structure is. These neighborhoods, that were so harmed, have the opportunity to bring back contact with people, something that we all missed during the pandemic, with the insertion of such pleasant and inviting totems. In the middle of the curved structure of each totem, there is a spotlight, whose function is, at first, unknown. The totems are located in the neighborhood that had the highest numbers of cases, however, because they are a small structure, they can be multiplied and added to many spots in the city or even in other cities. This way, all the lost lives can be felt in a nice place for the community.
    In the Serra do Curral Municipal Park, there are several ramps, with three distinct and variable paths that innovate the experience of getting to the peak. In the viewpoint, there is a beautiful view of the city and  also a spotlight, like in the totems. On March 12th of each year, the date that marks the first death of covid-19 in Brazil, in 2020, the spotlights in the totems and in the viewpoint are turned on. They are seen all over the city, creating an unique moment and keeping the pandemic memory alive. Watching the lights, people who have lost loved ones will have a special moment to remember them and, considering that the pandemic affected everyone, even those who did not have a loved one that died from the disease, will have a moment to reflect, feel and remember everything that happened in this unfortunate and memorable situation caused by the pandemic.

Laura Lima Mafia & Luiza De Paula FrizoneLaura Lima Mafia & Luiza De Paula FrizoneLaura Lima Mafia & Luiza De Paula FrizoneLaura Lima Mafia & Luiza De Paula Frizone

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