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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Nagham El Nazer

ID: 1196

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ID: 1196
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Covid-19 affected the entire world drastically and we lost so many beautiful souls throughout this tragedy. Over 600,000 deaths were reported around the world. This tragic event did not allow us to say our last goodbye or hug our loved ones for the last time. People were not able to hold proper funerals due to the mass number of deaths. Our lives entirely changed and a new normal was formed as a response to this tragic event. Whether you lost someone due to this event or not, we were all saddened and were grieving with those families who lost a loved one. I created this memorial in order to unite us as one community and solace those families who were so unfortunate and lost someone so dear to their hearts. My objective was to create a local memorial in my neighborhood to honor those who passed away as well as to support those families¬. I wanted my community to be able to reflect on and commemorate those who lost their fight against COVID-19. My memorial is located at Milestone Park in Brooklyn, NY.

My memorial features a tree structure that never gets old and its leaves stay on all year around. This is a way to symbolize the idea that the those who left us are not here physically anymore, but they are forever in our mind and soul. To make the memorial interactive and for my community to be able to take part in honoring those who passed away, they could write couple of words on a tag and hang it on the tree in order to develop an emotional attachment to those who left us due to the tragedy.  In addition, I created a grid panel on top of the park that holds a rectangular frame that projects images of the people who are not able to be with us anymore. This projection feature symbolizes the fact that those who passed away are looking over us and are always going to live with us forever.

I also decided to include different sized benches for people to be able to lay on and look up to the photographs projecting as a way to develop a direct attachment with them. This way, you are able to reflect and remember those who lost their lives to COVID-19. Whoever did not get a chance to say their last goodbye or hold a proper funeral are going to be able to do so through my memorial. The loss of those people affected us all one way or another and I hope my memorial honors and showcases those who left us early due to this tragic event.

Nagham El NazerNagham El NazerNagham El NazerNagham El Nazer

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