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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Taejron Lawrence

ID: 1194

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ID: 1194
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My design is meant to help those who’ve had loved ones, honor the dead, and symbolize unity among humanity.
The geometrical shape the design is based off is a hexagon, this represents the pattern of beehives. The philosophy behind the use of a beehive is to tie into the narrative that as one people, and human beings, we have never been this united. Covid-19 has ironically brought us all together as we work, perceiver, strive, develop, prosper, survive and mourn together. The beehive shape ties us together, like how we all came together with a hive mentality to get through this pandemic.
The materials used in the monument are meant to be majestic and bring a shine unto those who past. Glass brings a pristine refined look, more of an ethereal feel. I placed the names on this because it really sets them apart from the rest of the monument, and it emphasizes their importance. The names are meant to be honored and be the main focus, which is why light is shining behind them and are furred out.
A heavy material, Granite, was used for the main body of the monument. It gives it a weight, a heavy presence that fills a space and demands attention. The granite is meant to feel grounded and holds the main shape of the monument, its beehive meaning of unity is meant for those still alive to relate to and connect with +.Used on the granite as an accent strip is gold. The two used together gives off a regal feel to it.

The water flowing down represents purity and cleansing. It streams over the granite body and lightens it up while still holding true to what it is. The thin layer of water connects the body of the monument with the glass panels holding the names, because the water resembles the foggy glass. The water connects us all.

The beauty behind the design is not only the aesthetic but also its inclusiveness and and ability to function in every environment, community, city, or country. Each piece holds thirty names, so anyone can arrange the quantity to suit a community big or small. The idea is for this monument design to be used globally by all people as a symbol. The beehive symbol that connects all the scattered pieces and monuments as one. We were isolated and now we'll be united.

Taejron LawrenceTaejron LawrenceTaejron LawrenceTaejron Lawrence

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